A digital creative boutique to disperse new-age content through state-of-the-art instructional design.

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Get specialized 2D/3D content in the form of web series, animated videos, games, and AR/VR simulation development.

Multimedia add-ons to enhance existing training content

Upgrade and enhance your existing learning & development materials with new age, interactive digital experiences.

High-fidelity eLearning audio visuals

Build and customize unique eLearning solutions embedded with advanced UI/UX functionalities and audio/video to keep learners engrossed and engaged.

High-end animations & Instructional Design

Disseminate e-learning courses with engaging instructional designs to make the content appealing to learners of all age groups.

Web Series

Bind your audience with a first of a kind learning experience in the form of web series. A web series builds an anticipation for the next episode and learning this way looks more like a fun activity.

Subject matter experts

Get highest quality content by an esteemed panel of subject matter experts who are all industry stalwarts in their own rights.

Live coaching & real-time learning

Get fully activity-based, interactive learning experience with real life demonstration of use cases, as opposed to screen-shares which is what today’s webinar platforms are about.

Create a personalized user-friendly website

Move your courses to web and easily create your own device-agnostic fully responsive learning website with seamless user experience.

Choose from a library of existing templates or build your own customized website.

Seamless integration with payment gateways, chat tools and customer support tools.

Build, Create, Design and Edit web pages with Simplified Page Wizards

Simplified course management system with an ability to design easy workflows consisting of programs, courses and sub modules.

Page creation wizard to create personalized course pages with a few clicks and add any custom content.

Let students learn in the format they love

Distribute content across formats including videos, PPT, PDF, Weblinks, YouTube videos and flashcards in easily consumable micro-learning modules to enable learning on the go.

Conduct interactive webinars that work at bandwidth as low as 512 kbps. Live streaming of audio-videos with a 2-way collaborative whiteboard for real-time engagement.

Instructor led classroom sessions with engaging pre- & post class activities, assessments and feedbacks.

Get around.. Create a ‘buzz’.. and stay connected on social forums

Post announcements, share audio / video messages, and initiate forum discussions. Learn and discuss latest trends & insights on a given topic.

Initiate private one-on-one chat or group chats.

Inculcate game-based learning with reward points attached to each task. Student with higher reward points rank higher on the Leaderboard.

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