Our new Brand identity: Learntron is henceforth Disprz

July 16, 2018

We are happy to announce that starting August, Learntron will go with a new brand identity - Disprz.

Our products for the enterprise and online education/learning segments will now be rechristened Disprz. Our classroom education product will continue to be called Learntron. Disprz will also be our corporate identity going forward.

This decision was taken after a lot of cerebration and deliberation on what maximises growth prospects for our start-up. We set out in 2015, with a dream to revolutionize learning experiences for people across all age-groups and settings, be it school students, part-time learners, working professionals or employees in corporate settings. We have also garnered excellent traction across these segments across India, Middle East and South East Asia.

In light of our traction, we feel it it is time to give our products distinct identities to maximise their potential. While Learntron as a name was a good start, for enterprises and online learning companies, we feel the name Disprz better reflects the value we add, which is that we disperse knowledge to a dispersed workforce or to geographically dispersed learners, making them better at what they do.

It is Kuljit's and my vision to build a global knowledge-tech SAAS company and as we move to the next chapter towards realising this vision, we need a distinct corporate identity that is international in nature, which represents who we are & what we do and stands out as a uniquely positioned brand.

We have also adopted a new mission statement for Disprz - "To enhance the world's knowledge capital through technology-driven experiences."

Below is a visual rendition of the new Disprz brand:
Disprz logo


Subramanian Viswanathan, CEO & CO-Founder, Disprz

Disprz is Subbu's third start-up where he leads the company's technology and revenue strategy. His first start-up in ERP space was sold to the largest private group in India and the second start-up in Ed-tech space was sold to a PE fund in Europe. He is an innovator at heart and is a techie with strong business acumen. Subbu is an alumnus of IIT Madras and ISB Hyderabad.


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