Your business potential soars when your employees are continuously trained, up-skilled and ‘engaged’ all the time

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Disprz is much more than a traditional LMS. It’s a complete employee development solution

Make employee development a continuous process

Constantly push the frontiers of people’s skill levels, making them better at what they do.

New age learning is pull, NOT PUSH!

Learning should be an experience in itself. It should be fun. Just like watching a movie. Only then knowledge retention is possible.

Translate learning into business success

Your business growth is directly linked to knowledge capital. Learning & development is not an initiative, it’s a definite business strategy.

Induce a culture of Learning Agility

Today’s workplace is ever evolving, and only those companies will succeed that can harness learning agility to rapidly adopt and innovate

Communicate without business silos

For your employees to communicate and collaborate better, you need a specialized product for unified communication so that teams are no more working in silos.

Seamlessly integrate with learning environments.

Scalable and flexible integration customized to suit your specific business needs.

Skills, not degrees..

Traditional course-based learning is out, skill-based learning is in.

Irrespective of their degrees, onboarding employees are often not job-ready. A professional readiness platform is the solution.

Keep employees up-skilled and continuously enabled to take on the newer requirements in changing weather.

Deliver content the way they like

One size does not fit all. Different audience consume content differently.

From live training webinar sessions to small snacks of microlearning modules, from instructor-led classroom sessions to MOOCs, present content based on each employee’s preferred learning approach.

Chat and ‘Buzz’ around. Bring your employees ‘together’..

Disprz has pioneered a unique social learning and coaching tool called Buzz.

Post announcements, share audio / video messages, and initiate forum discussions.

Learn and discuss latest trends & insights on a given topic.

Manager-led, journey-based competency building

Make skill development a collaborative activity between employees and managers

Let each employee craft their 12 month professional development experience month-by-month.

Based on the role and department, managers can recommend modules relevant to an employee’s skills, and can track their real time progress.

When ‘smart’ bots recommend you what to learn..

Let AI-powered bots tell your employees what they should learn.

‘Intelligent’ recommendations based on learner’s specific competencies and learning consumption style.

The bots crawl, filter, and recommend suitable modules / resources from available repositories across internal and external sources.

Disprz is helping them achieve higher productivity on daily basis


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