New World: New Leaders-  Hear from our experts on why you need to upskill your leadership today

New World: New Leaders- why you need to upskill your leadership today:

Join us at the HR and Future of work APAC event to hear from our experts (24th Mar, 10am SGT)

New World: New Leaders- why you need to upskill your leadership today:

Join us at the HR and Future of work APAC event to hear from our experts (24th Mar, 10am SGT)

Disprz Leadership Tenets

Our Purpose, Mission and Values

Our Purpose

Why do we exist?

To create great products that empower people and have fun while fostering them

Our Mission

What will we do in the next
10 years to achieve our purpose?

To enable every person advance at work and life, through the best technology-led, scientifically-backed learning experiences

Our Values

When taking any decision, ensure the pecking order is company first, colleagues next, followed by customers and the last is you. It is this military discipline that will march the company forward.

Bring “bigness” and scale to your thinking. Your ambition should never be constrained by geographical, temporal, capital, or any other constraint, such as the constraint of history / has-it-been-done-before, as these constraints can be solved for.
Also, when thinking big, break into small, focus and simplify as much as possible. It is easy to complexify but you should instead simplify and remove all the ambient gibberish and noise.

Stay grounded if things go well, knowing that success is transient. Stay positive if things don’t go well as failure is also transient. Be thankful for every day we are in business and for the people who make you work better – that will ground us with a lot of humility. Celebrate success but not despair in failure.
Concerns should never be bottled as it can spiral out of control. There should be a culture to share what is not working openly, even if it means having a difficult conversation. Most importantly, do it respectfully and never make it a personal attack. Likewise, be open about hearing people concerns – that should take the highest priority.

Hunger and obsessive ownership are the two ingredients that will make every endeavour of ours the best it can be. No task shall be beneath you when you take true ownership of something and you will persevere and hustle till the goal is reached. You may delegate execution but never responsibility or ownership.

The primary reason you work at Disprz should not be the money or the title. Work for fulfillment and for the sheer joy that doing good work generates. This means you will treat work as a craft that you will polish through continuous learning with love like an artist maintains her musical instrument.

Innovation through experimentation should be in our DNA.
Constantly experiment and try out new things all the time – be it
new products, new frameworks, new methodologies, new
processes, new ways to work, new gadgets, new ways to sell and the entire gamut. Analysis is important but doing is the best way to discover if things work. Learn from these experiments. It is alright to fail as long as learnings are institutionalised and a mistake is never repeated. Encourage others to experiment unless you have tried it before and it did not work.

Favour fast multiple iterations rather than a giant project after a lot of analysis. If we are not fast enough, our competition will do things faster and eat our lunch. While speed has the ability to compromise quality, do it in a manner that prefers “incompleteness” over “imperfection”, that is, deliver in perfect small iterations.

Create the right conditions for every staff member – be it infrastructure, culture, the best possible pay and benefits, policies, career advancements, opportunities, that will bring their best to work. Care not just for colleagues but for their personal lives and their families – because, if one aspect of their lives is broken, it will spill into work.

Not just satisfy learners but strive to delight them, create value for them and remove all obstacles in the path of the learner, even if it means disagreeing with another more powerful stakeholder. The only limit to this is when it impinges on the company’s mission or on any of these principles.

Goodwill has a multiplier effect – take extreme pains to generate goodwill across our ecosystem, including fellow staff, customers and vendors, without thinking about a business transaction. This goodwill will be your biggest asset that will give you a helping hand when things go wrong (and they will). Also avoid stakeholders who generate negative goodwill.