If you’re in the fast-paced tech industry, you know just how quickly things are evolving all the time. Empower your employees with the ability to pivot and build practical skills they can apply right away through our AI-powered skill-building platform to keep your tech business agile.

Our robust skill framework looks at every role in the tech industry and maps them with practical skills. Employees and managers can track proficiency as skills develop.

Combine industry best practices with your technology company’s unique proprietary approach to ensure employees at every level are highly-trained in what differentiates your product or service.

AI-driven knowledge recommendations provide the ability to grow the skills needed for your current role and the role that comes next.

With the tremendous demand for data science and technology specialists, retaining talent is harder than ever. To hold on to your best employees, offer them accelerated career advancement which is as strong of an incentive to stay loyal as compensation.

Key features to meet your needs

Skill-based thinking

AI-driven knowledge feed

Learning journey

Ready to Disprz knowledge