Construction companies like yours need highly skilled individuals, all the way from field workers to the corporate veterans, in order to complete the work on schedule. Train your employees through our unique skill-building program, streamline communication between the corporate office and the field, and ensure all certifications are up-to-date through a single platform.

No other skill-building platform makes certification management [e.g OSHA] as straightforward. We simplify the work of your HR and compliance department so that they can focus on other priorities.

Multi-channel engagement training - live virtual training, social feeds and chat keep your corporate team in touch with your team in the field.

Project sites are chaotic and high-churn with constant shifts in need from day to day. Rest easy that every field worker (even interim and short-term help) will be formally compliant.

AI-powered content feed is tailored to skills that relate or support critical roles like Project Managers and Project Supervisors.

Key features to meet your needs


Live virtual training

Safety, Compliance & Certification management

Social learning and engagement


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