A professional enablement & readiness platform to equip your frontline deskless workforce with the right skills & training

Let frontline employees be your brand evangelists.

Make employee development a continuous process

Constantly push the frontiers of people’s skill levels, making them better at what they do.

Efficiently communicate CEO’s vision to the last level worker

Ensure that any and every brand positioninig messages from top level management are completely assimilated across every rank in frontline businesses.

Translate learning into business success

Bridge the gap between learning and working. Learn while you work, work while you learn.

Induce a culture of ‘Readiness’ and ‘Preparedness’

Today’s market dynamics are ever evolving. Disprz’s clients will survive and thrive because we help you harness learning agility to rapidly adopt and innovate to changing weather.

Communicate without silos across organizational ladder

Ensure real-time grievance redressal related to compensation, reimbursements, and ground level challenges among the deskless workers.

Seamlessly integrate with multiple learning environments

Always stay ahead in the game with scalable and flexible integration with all relevant and value-add functionalities to suit your specific business needs.

Make onboarding seamless, faster & personalized

Smooth mobile-enabled onboarding process with pre-built standard onboarding modules.

Customized 30-60-90 days learning journey.

Remotely onboard and engage with your new hires virtually.

Actively ‘engage’ and involve your workforce

Let each employee be part of every single company-wide announcements & updates.

Keep your workforce informed by broadcasting relevant industry news and feeds.

Actively listen to your employees and resolve each grievance timely.

Initiate game-based learning with reward points attached to each task, such as replying to a message, or completing a learning module.

Keeping resources up-skilled, updated, and job-ready all the time

Constantly train your deskless workforce by pushing micro learning modules using PPTs, PDFs, video, YouTube, weblinks, flashcards and boost learning outcome.

Quick periodic assessments to recognize good performers, identify skill gaps and reinforce relevant learning modules.

Live Training: Real time knowledge sharing across geographies

Join live audio/video conference sessions from any device and location at bandwidth as low as 256 kbps.

A 2-way collaborative whiteboard to upload any format of content and broadcast to the participants with the added ability to save the notes and annotations for offline reading.

Live assessments and polls to check the engagement levels and impact of current skills being trained.

Track and measure real time engagement and results

Track and measure real time engagement and results. Predict high-performers and at-risk recruits based on onboarding data.

Do periodic assessments to recognize good performers, identify skill gaps and reinforce relevant learning modules.

Disprz is helping them achieve higher productivity on daily basis


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