A digital creative boutique to disperse new-age content through state-of-the-art instructional design

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Get specialized 2D/3D content in the form of web series, animated videos, games, and AR/VR simulation development

Multimedia add-ons to enhance existing training content

Upgrade and enhance your existing learning & development materials with new age, interactive digital experiences.

High-fidelity eLearning audio visuals

Build and customize unique eLearning solutions embedded with advanced UI/UX functionalities and audio/video to keep learners engrossed and engaged.

High-end animations & Instructional Design

Disseminate e-learning courses with engaging instructional designs to make the content appealing to learners of all age groups.

Web Series

Bind your audience with a first of a kind learning experience in the form of web series. A web series builds an anticipation for the next episode and learning this way looks more like a fun activity.

Subject matter experts

Get highest quality content by an esteemed panel of subject matter experts who are all industry stalwarts in their own rights.

Live coaching & real-time learning

Get fully activity-based, interactive learning experience with real life demonstration of use cases, as opposed to screen-shares which is what today’s webinar platforms are about.

Tailored Web series

Generate a buzz and a build up anticipating a climax resulting out of an engaging edutainment story sliced in episodes followed by post-session engagement.

Get vertical videos that are consumed best on mobile phones and tablets.

Game-based content: Where learning is fun!

Initiate game-based learning with reward points attached to each task, such as replying to a message, or completing a learning module.

Based on reward points, the Leaderboard ranks employees with better contributors showing up higher.

Simulation-based training

Design and display VR simulations for real life use cases and learning content.

Just the right VR content to ensure increased ROI.

Overhaul existing content strategy under a panel of experts

With a team of industry-leading experts, we review your existing content inventory and propose how we can supplement it.

Get the best technical, functional and behavioral content executed with a well thought through strategy.

Testimonials: Our Clients vouch for us