Disprz is focused on empowering employees and when it comes to our culture, it’s no different. Our goal is to give you the motivation, freedom, and the resources necessary to create, innovate, and explore.

We don’t believe in micromanagement.
But we do believe in treating our employees with respect and working together as one to achieve the greater goal. What does that look like? Check out the perks below!  

Current job openings

Azure and Server Side Engineer (India)

The ideal candidate will be familiar with the full software design life cycle. They should have experience in designing, coding, testing and consistently managing applications. They should be comfortable coding in a number of languages and have an ability to test code in order to maintain high-quality code.

Data Science Intern

We are looking for Data Science Interns with a basic understand of machine learning and data modelling to develop specific machine learning models for training applications. The details will be revealed in the f2f interview. Location is Chennai and the candidate will work with our Lead Data Scientist. 

Meet the Disprz team

Meet the Disprz team

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