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employee engagement
Continuous LearningE-LearningLMS

Employee Engagement Through Learning: The Currency to Retention and Performance

Ivan Pavlov and His Dogs: The Classical Conditioning Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov was studying how digestion worked in mammals. Part of his research included observing …

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video content

Video-based Learning: How to Create the Best Video Content to Amplify Learning

“We watch the shows, we watch the stars On videos for hours and hours“ — Radio Gaga, Queen, from the track 1984! When the British …

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Continuous LearningLMSMicrolearning

Can Better Employee Training Help OSHA Build a Zero Accident Construction Industry? Yes, We Can.

“Bob The Builder, Can we fix it? Bob The Builder, Yes we can” — I felt inspired everytime that little guy with his big toolbelt …

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construction industry workforce training
Continuous LearningE-LearningLMS

How to Train and Develop Your Workforce in the Construction Industry?

Alford Korzybski famously said, “A map is not the territory it represents.” There is something intriguing about the mismatch between the bullish forecasts and the …

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construction training video
Continuous LearningE-LearningLMS

How to Create Safety Training Videos for the Construction Industry?

Andrew joins as an operations intern in a construction company.  Before starting, he browses the web for a few workplace-safety instructions. He watches a few …

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