We help employees master the skills they need to advance their careers.

At Disprz, we believe that anyone determined to work hard should be able to get ahead in their career, no matter where they start out. So, we built a career & skill acceleration suite designed to make skill-building easy and meaningful for employees for all levels.

We empower employees with a platform that tracks progress, teaches skills that apply to their day-to-day work and gives them opportunity to pursue career-advancing lessons — breaking down what is required to get promoted into concrete modules.

Since the most important asset of any business is its people: the more they grow, the stronger your business become, from the ground up. If you’re ready for your business to grow, its time to give your employees the opportunity to make their career goals a reality. Disprz the knowledge, see the growth.  

What we do

We harness the power of Al to create a comprehensive, multifaceted training experience to train everybody from your entry level employees to your c-level executives.

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Who we help

From the factory floor to board room, Disprz grows thousands of employees for organizations across the globe. 

Wondering about the name Disprz?

True skill development doesn’t  happen in quick, once-a-year intensives: it comes from being part of a daily routine that boosts confidence and isn’t a drag. Our name embodies our goal dispersing information as an ongoing river of knowledge that nurtures employees to build skill. We see again and again that a little engagement everyday adds up to big career growth over time. So there you have it: Disprz!

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