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Turn your salespersons into superheroes

Sales force across industries often struggle to meet their sales targets because they are not up-to-date with the latest product launches, processes and are largely disconnected with the organisational leadership. Hence, empowering the sales force and keeping them motivated and engaged is always a challenging exercise for organizations.

Disprz for Sales solves this problem and transforms large distributed sales force into efficient, high-performers through a mobile knowledge platform which can be leveraged for sales on-boarding, sales training and continuous engagement.

Turn your salespersons into superheroes

A white-labelled mobile app with your company logo and colours

Bite-sized knowledge snacks on product updates, competitor analysis, new product launches

Broken internet connectivity should no longer be the reason why your sales team can’t stay up-to-date. Make knowledge snacks, including sales videos, articles, slides available for offline consumption.

Conduct your weekly tracking calls, product launch presentations on Disprz, which makes every sales person an active participant even in low bandwidth conditions

Let every salesperson in your team share his experiences on the field, or an article on effective selling or a snippet about your competitor, through a social-network-like feed, that everybody can comment on. Give your monthly sales targets in the form of 30 sec videos.

Reward your most active sales personnel through a leaderboard and create more leadership opportunities for them

Ensure all of this results in business impact by tracking sales outcomes and linking them with knowledge. Eventually start predicting sales performance based on knowledge receptiveness

Client and Testimonials

Ritvik Lukose

Co-Founder & CEO, Vahura

After trying to build our own knowledge platform, using open source and trying out numerous other platforms, we finally found Disprz. It is everything we wanted in our dream knowledge platform, and so much more. We love the combination of strong tech at its core, great customer focus, agility and a team that builds a long-term relationship. We feel like we have a business partner in Disprz and not just a product.


  • FMCG / CPG

    FMCG / CPG

  • Banking


  • eCommerce


  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

  • Consumer Internet

    Consumer Internet

  • Other Industries

    other industries


Disprz for Sales has delivered:
  • a 5%


    increase in
    channel sale

  • a 50%


    reduction in 60-day
    sales person attrition

  • 20%


    reduction in salesperson
    onboarding costs